Video selections from our Resurrection Concert Series


Evolution of a Composition 

A brief look into the background and creative process involved in bringing an new liturgical composition to life. 

A taste of things to come

Our upcoming Western Canadian Concert Series will act as the vehicle to release a full length original liturgical composition of Fr. John Sembrat OSBM. It was recorded last June in Edmonton, AB, featuring professional and amateur choristers from across Canada and Ukraine. The double CD will contain the Resurrectional Divine Liturgy from beginning to end, complete with all of the requisite liturgical propers and readings for that feast day. 


One recorded selection of Fr. Sembrat that fell outside the of the Paschal liturgical context was Тобою Радується/All Creation Rejoices in Thee. It is customarily sung during the Liturgy of St. Basil, the Great instead of Достойно Є/It is Truly Right.


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